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Everything Too Good For A Cowboy! ... Adventures 2010
Adventure camps of 5, 8 or 10 days. Booking June 12 to July 26, 2010
Catchin' Up Horses- Refer to 2010 Registration Form for dates and pricing for Camp Adventures.
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Ride For Cattle On the Open Range
LOCATION: Historic Chilcotin Country in British Columbia. 40 minutes by float plane from Nimpo Lake to Geese Lake Camp on the Alexander MacKenzie Trail at the base of the Itcha Ilgachuz Mountains.
Accompany us on a cattle drive and live the life of the real cowboys under the open skies, trailing the herd to new grass and water, protecting them from predators in the wild.
Push the herd through river crossings forged by the pioneers. Explore the historic Alexander MacKenzie Trail, ridin' saddle! It's what folks do out here!
Live the cowboy lifestyle, sleep under the stars beside a blazing warm fire keeping' watch over the herd and movin' camp to suit the critters.
All of this and more! Enjoy the company of all the cowpokes both in the saddle and around the campfire. Taste the best down-home cookin' ever dished up from over the fire.
There is plenty of fresh air and wide open country full of wildlife. The experience is rich with history and tales of the back country.
It's all here... Everything Too Good For A Cowboy!
* Cattle Drive - June 12 to June 16 - Trailin' the Herd - Something For Everyone
5 days learnin’ yur way around cow camp. Gettin' to know your horse, feelin’ good in the saddle, an gettin’ handy enough to get yourself out on the trail. If it’s bein with the horses yur lookin ta do, this is the place. We’ll be doin it all - ridin, workin, and sharin the adventure of livin on the back of yur horse.
* Ridin' Herd Adventures bokking from June 19 - July 26

See 2010 Registration Form for Adventure camps with schedule and pricing.
See 2010 Adventure Camp Application for booking and payment policies.
The registration form for Adventure Camps together with the Adventure Camp Application Form must be filled out, signed and sumbitted with the agreed upon method of payment to guarantee your place on an adventure of your choice.
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* Round-Up - October 3 to the 17, 2010 - Gatherin' The Herd

Come on out for the fall round up and gather the herd off open range.
15 days to work into the task of gathering stock off open range; this trip is the last booking for becoming partners with your horse, 2010. Round-up gives you an additonal 3 full days of gathering cattle and trailing the herd to the ranch, along with another day's ride to an evening with a real bed, showers and a wind-up at the lodge with your hosts. The last day of 'Round-Up' ... then your flight departs from the lodge to your pre-determined destination.

Both the 2010 Registration Form and the Adventure Camp Application must be completed and signed then accompanied by your preferred method of payment to guarantee your place on this adventure.

Happy Trails!

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Chilcotin Country, British Columbia

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