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Youth Adventures 2010
Youth & HorsesWorkin' In The Young Stock - A Horsemanship Camp For Youth
- May 22 to August 14, 2010 (12 weeks)

Searching for: 5 horse crazy young people aged 14-21 years of age who are willing to commit the next 12 weeks to this project.
  Searching for 5 horse-crazy young people aged 14-21 years of age who are willing to commit the next 12 weeks to this project.
- A program dedicated to promoting youth, engaging in communication with commitment through trust, together with horses.
NOTE TO PARENTS: Does your youth carry him/herself with confidence and positive self-esteem? Is he/she outgoing? Is he/she able to tackle daily tasks and pressures with satisfactory outcomes?
... Enable your son/daughter to reach out from within. give them the tools to find their way through challenges... too.s to meet their obstacles and an ability to overcome these with victory.
If you believe these qualities would benefit your youth, consider giving them the opportunity to experience these benefits through working with horses. the magic of who they really are will become a reality. Doors open that they could only dream were possible.

This adventure program offers high school accredited learning, and a lifestyle which promotes life-skills and employability, where through a learned art of communication and self-awareness, form the foundation for understanding cooperation, and attaining goals through functioning partnerships.

Youth Horsemanship CampsLOCATION: Beautiful British Columbia Chilcotin Country. 30 minutes north of Nimpo Lake, BC by air on the Alexander MacKenzie Trail at the base of the Itcha Ilgachuz Mountains.
Adventures with a natural approach to horsemanship for "workin'" in the young stock, and developing skill in communication/ There'll be plenty of time in the saddle and on the ground. Completion of the entire 12 weeks offers the opportunity to acquire national Riding Certification. Honorable reference for working students to participate with Everything Too Good For A Cowboy during the Adventure Bookings, job-related direction and references for employment with other outfits in a suitable capacity.

12 Weeks May 22 - arrive at Fraser Lake, Burns Lake or Nimpo Lake, BC where we will meet you to depart for your adventure by float plane to our outback destination. Should it be required, arrangements can be made to greet you upon arrival in Prince George or Smithers Airports. From Nimpo Lake, you can board directly on a float plane for camp.

* Please see the Equipment List for appropriate articles of clothing, boots and gear.
* Please see the Price Page for Workin' In The Young Stock

Both the 2010 Registration Form for Adventure Camps and the Adventure Camp Application must be completed and signed then accompanied by your preferred method of payment to guarantee your place.

An adventure in horsemanship awaits those who dare to dream it! This is an adventure of a lifetime!
* Email
Please note: Camps 1 though 5 indicated on the 2010 Registration Form are available to youth, however, it is important that an application form be submitted. Camp 1 is the introduction to subsequent camps which are designed for developing further skills, based upon previous camps. For this purpose, an interview will be required in addition to the 2010 registration Form and the Adventure Camp Application forms before placing a guaranteed booking for the Adventure Camp for youth.
Safety and a positive learning experience for youth are our priority for a great adventure.
Thank you!

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